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Please call us for assistance at Customer Service Buggies Garage. Differences Between Note: Both models shown above were made in the year The DS Models do have a split year which is easy to tell just by looking at the seat backs. If there are 2 individual seat backs that is a characteristic of the By consistently designing new models of golf carts, they are creating a reason for repeat customers to upgrade their cart.

By designing customer-oriented services, Yamaha ensures that they will provide you with the best. Yamaha wants to be at the top of everything.

Yamaha G1 Golf Cart Project?

This is the reason that they never rest and work to introduce something new that will amaze their rivals. Yamaha has one of the largest customer counts around the globe and they have been maintaining it by providing the best.

A Quick History of Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha wants you to enjoy your ride. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Like what you've just read? Subscribe to the GCR newsletter and receive articles like these once a week straight to your inbox! The competition increased and within a decade, so many important and significant changes were made to the golf cart.

Originally, the first golf carts were made to carry only two golfers, but nowadays, we see golf carts carrying up to four persons at a time. As a standard of some sort, many golf carts measure 8 ft.

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It is important to note, however, that several other factors determine the cost of the golf cart. These include features such as solar-powered engines — which help green-minded golfers keep playing golf without hurting their environment as well as the ability to make frequent trips around the golf course on a single recharge as opposed to what was obtained in the 80s and 90s.

A typical example is the Neighborhood Electrical Vehicle which was built by Yamaha.