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What can we help you find? It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. OCDE vision. Orange County students will lead the nation in college and career readiness and success.

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Orange County Public Schools

Chavez: We have a lot of student bodies high in poverty. The number of students eligible for free lunch has gone up each year since. And the percentage on free and reduced lunch has increased, even accounting for enrollment growth. In , nearly 50 percent of OCPS students were on free or reduced lunch.

Now 73 percent of all students in the district are on the program. Darden Creston: The U. Department of Agriculture oversees school lunch programs across the country.

Who is eligible to get free and reduced lunch? Calculations are made based on household size and annual income to determine eligibility.

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Often these conversations stir questions of just how nutritious is the food? Chavez: Well, according to food and nutrition services they get at least four different fruits and vegetables every single day for lunch, two different fruits for breakfast, a protein and a whole grain pasta or rice and milk. Chavez: The Orange County school district did not allow me to interview students on free or reduced lunch, so I called up non-profits and I talked to kids outside grocery stores and corner stores.

Darden Creston: Telling you exactly what was on their minds… But with all of these federal initiatives, school lunches must have gotten more nutritious since I was in grade school. She said the district works hard to make fruits easy to eat, they slice up the apples and oranges.

Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) Employee Reviews

They also give them different kinds of fruits like kiwis and starfruit. Food Insecurity. Darden Creston: This is a tourist, transient community. So, Crystal, what else do we know about poverty and hunger in central Florida?

Chavez: More than 8, Orange County students are considered homeless and the district has 3, students listed as evacuees. Most of those evacuees are from Puerto Rico, TX and other places. Darden Creston: Crystal, what surprised you in the course of your reporting on this?

School buses overcrowded

Chavez: The surprising thing was just how many schools are now offering free and reduced meals to their entire student population. OCPS has increased the number of schools in which each and every student gets free and reduced lunch.

Last year there were 20 such schools in the Orange County School District. This year there are Darden Creston: Why did the number of schools jump so high from year to year? The district first piloted this CEP program in They realized many more than 20 schools were high in poverty, so they decided to expand it. What else went into your public records search for Sunshine Week?