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At Law Firm of Oklahoma, our criminal appeals lawyers represent convicted defendants in appeals and post-conviction relief proceedings in state and federal higher courts:. If you have been found guilty of a crime you did not commit, if you received a sentence that exceeds what is right and allowable by law, or if you were convicted based on flawed or insufficient evidence, filing an appeal is the first step in righting the wrong. Call today for a free evaluation of your appeal.

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Harmless errors, or mistakes made that had no bearing on the conviction, are not appealable. Grounds for appeal include legal errors, misconduct of jurors or prosecutors, the discovery of previously unavailable evidence, and ineffective assistance of counsel. A legal error may be grounds for appeal if it is apparent that the error was prejudicial and could have reasonably affected the outcome of the case. Legal errors can include the court giving improper or incorrect instructions to the jury, evidence that is wrongfully admitted or excluded, a conviction that is unsupported by evidence, and procedural errors.

Because juries are comprised of ordinary American citizens who are not legal experts, they may accidentally or purposely act outside of their sworn duties and responsibilities as jurors. Juries are a critical element in the execution of justice. If a jury member is not impartial or acts outside of the law, it can result in a tremendous miscarriage of justice. Most prosecutors are good men and women who deeply feel their responsibilities as agents of justice.

Some, however, are motivated less by a sense of right than a desire to get as many convictions as possible. For people like this, they are willing to get a win at any cost. Knowingly admitting false testimony or intentionally omitting evidence that is likely to exonerate the defendant are some of the ways a prosecutor can gain the conviction of a defendant, even if that conviction is wrongful and unjust.

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Defendants have the right to an attorney, and they have the right to an attorney who effectively does his or her job. Just because a defense lawyer does not win an acquittal does not mean he or she was ineffective or failed to provide adequate representation. However, certain failures on the part of a lawyer can demonstrate misconduct or ineffective assistance of counsel.

State Agencies - There are 23 state agencies in Oklahoma, not including those agencies sub agencies. Most agencies that involve law enforcement are overseen by the Attorney General of Oklahoma. The Attorney General of Oklahoma is the chief law enforcement officer in the state of Oklahoma. They are responsible for providing legal advice to the other branches of government.

Criminal Defense

They also lead the prosecution of offenses to Oklahoma law. The Attorney General has many duties, but the main four involve providing legal advice and representation in court for both the Governor and the state government, providing legal advice and opinions to the governor and the legislature, defending the state in criminal appeals and suits, and defending the state constitution and how it applies to state laws. The Attorney General is elected directly by the people of the state.

They must bid for election every 4 years. Candidates must be at least 31, must be a resident of the United States for at least 10 years, and must be a citizen of the state. The limit on how many times a person may serve as the Oklahoma Attorney General is two terms as of The County Sheriffs are responsible for the greater law enforcement of each county in Oklahoma, with one sheriffs department per county. The office of the sheriff is the only common law enforcement office that is elected directly by the citizens of Oklahoma. Other agencies are often appointed by their superiors or the presiding municipal or state authority.

The sheriff's duties include organizing and orchestrating patrols, administering courthouse security, training new sheriff officers, maintaining county jails, and transporting inmates to those jails. Most municipalities, cities, towns and villages will have their own police departments and Oklahoma is no different. There are nearly municipal police agencies in the state though the largest and oldest are the Oklahoma City Police est.

First-degree murder or manslaughter Robbery with a dangerous weapon Drug trafficking or aggravated drug trafficking Bribery, fraud, and gambling Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Assault and battery resulting in serious bodily harm Rape and other sex crimes such as possession of child pornography.


Assault and battery with no serious injury Breaking and entering Domestic violence Possession of certain controlled substances DUIs Shoplifting and theft Offenses committed by juveniles. Richard Glossip, a man currently sitting on death row in Oklahoma, has become the center of attention for high profile cases in the United States. He was convicted of commissioning the murder of motel owner Barry Van Treese.

When the actual murderer stepped forward, he was offered a plea deal in exchange for testifying against Glossip. The case has been plagued with both inconsistencies of evidence, and, in , called to question the ethics of lethal injection as a cruel and unusual form of execution. Main article: Courts of New Mexico.

United States Court of Appeals,Tenth Circuit.

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