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A County-wide elected office with a four year term, the Recorder's position is held by Carole Wilkerson. Mrs Wilkerson was elected in as the First Recorder of Deeds in the county. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Need to pay a fine of check a court date? Contact the Cedar County Circuit Clerk. Contact the Cedar County Collector. This process is what some writers call prewriting.

If you are wanting to write a truthful account of an ancestor, you owe it to yourself to plan. Birth Certificates and Death Records Probing the Missouri vital records is a fairly easy task, thanks to your preliminary work. This crucial information will no doubt enrich your research project or family tree.

Where can the budding genealogist or aspiring researcher study these birth and death announcements? Missouri gives its people this data in one easy-to-find location. Before delving into this valuable resource, please make sure to find out things about your subject.

Recorder’s Office

The more you know about this person, the easier it is to sift through the large resource that is known as the Missouri vital records. Gather the first name, last name, and any other pertinent information regarding your subject. You might be feeling frustrated if you are unprepared. An organized plan should be put in place prior to any expanded research you may conduct regarding historical material.

Places to Find Missouri Birth, Marriage and Death Records Online

You should be proud to be a writer or genealogist. Even if you do not have much experience at doing these tasks, you can feel confident in completing a research paper or family tree if you know how to utilize the helpful background resources available to you. You just need to do some extra digging to find this amazing source material. Forums and websites that cater to the subjects of research and genealogy can be of great help. You may even have a friend or family member who has had his share of research time, putting a paper together or creating his own family tree.

The thorough research you conduct now will almost surely reward you.

Cape Girardeau County - Recorders Office

Your paper may receive that excellent grade. Your family will be pleased that you took the time and care to memorialize the family. Have a wonderful time uncovering the past. Once a name is selected, a digitized image of the original certificate can be retrieved.

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Birth Certificates. Death Records. Marriage licenses. Related Links. Guidelines Please send web site additions and corrections to the webmaster. Box Jefferson City, MO birth records death records. Mail Order. You must be a member of the individual's immediate family in order to obtain a birth certificate.