It has contracted with the federal government since the s and avoided the scandals that have troubled many other facilities. Ward, the president of the center.

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She recalled federal prison officials touring the new center and being impressed by the computer labs, security cameras and badge readers. In July , McLeod moved 88 inmates into the new residences.

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On May 31 of this year, the McLeod halfway house closed because of drastic funding and prisoner reductions that began unexpectedly last fall. The plight of the McLeod center appears to be connected to a seemingly arcane change in how halfway house contractors are paid — another reversal of an Obama-era policy.

In , the Bureau of Prisons began offering flexible, guaranteed contracts that rewarded halfway houses for graduating eligible inmates to the less stringent regimen of ankle bracelets and home confinement.

I. The History of Sober Living Homes

The Bureau of Prisons reverted to the old system of paying operators based on monthly headcounts. But just 4 percent of eligible inmates received a direct transfer home. Not only are fewer inmates being sent to halfway houses, the stays are shorter.

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Last year, prison officials cut the average stay for inmates by nearly a month, to four months. Mark Inch, then the Bureau of Prisoners director, told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in December the goal was to keep within a tighter budget while also sending as many prisoners as possible to halfway houses. At the FCI Seagoville prison camp in Texas, one inmate told a common story: He had lined up a construction job in the Dallas area anticipating his move to a halfway house on August Then the prison system told him there were no available beds.

Now without oversight, new standards coming to South Carolina addiction recovery housing

A recovering addict convicted in of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamines and marijuana, he was eager to be more present in the lives of his two teenage sons, who he had learned were experimenting with drugs. She learned that the nearest halfway house had at least 30 open beds.

But prison officials told her the system was overwhelmed. She asked them to send her husband home in an ankle bracelet since he was already under light supervision at a prison camp with no fences. They told her he just had to wait his turn, now rescheduled to October In another break with the Obama administration, the Justice Department no longer requires halfway houses to treat mental health issues and drug addiction. A person with knowledge of the decision said federal officials wanted halfway houses focused on the core mission of finding inmates housing and jobs.

They argued that the few months prisoners spend in halfway houses were inadequate for effective treatment.

What is a Halfway House? | The Recovery Village

A bipartisan group of senators, including Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote last year urging Sessions to restore the programs. The trade association that represents halfway house operators said the behavioral health programs are where inmates learned to control anger and deal with underlying issues. Skip to Main Content. Continue to article content. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. More on Magazine. Furthermore, make sure to build relationships within the neighborhood as the "Not in My Backyard" community can be a major obstacle.

Once you find one or more likely properties, have your top choices inspected by a certified building inspector to avoid "buyer's remorse. If you filed articles of incorporation to make your halfway house a nonprofit, this is the time to seek help from community members willing to donate monetarily or give you a hand with repairs, modifications, furnishings, etc. Purchase insurance to cover the house and its contents, and add liability coverage to protect your personal assets from lawsuits.

A regular homeowner's policy isn't adequate for a group home. Having staff in place before the first resident arrives is a huge advantage, because experienced halfway house employees can help you write an operations manual and set rules, regulations and policies that will guide both clients and staff.

Make sure you run background checks on everyone, from counselors to housekeeping employees.

From Prison To Halfway House To Success. My Journey

Obtain a template for writing your operations and policy manuals from government entities like the U. Department of Health and Human Services, or find templates on nonprofit websites. You can also borrow documents written by another halfway house and contour the language to meet the unique needs of yours.

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  7. Make certain all of these materials receive legal oversight. If you're subsidized by a municipal or federal criminal justice agency, your contract spells out the payment amounts and dates you need to know to set up your receipt and disbursement schedule. Accurate records are important if you want your sponsors to continue making financial contributions, and it goes without saying that finding additional sponsors will be an ongoing activity.


    Residents released from prison, jail or rehab programs require an inordinate amount of structure in their lives so they can learn to become responsible members of both the halfway house and the outside world. Establish tight schedules that include mandated housekeeping chores, group counseling sessions, one-on-one therapy time, recreational activities, job searching and life skill building time.

    Plan social events and include alone time, particularly if residents have enrolled in school or are pursuing hobbies. Invite community police to your halfway home regularly if your population comes from local prisons, so residents become comfortable with "the other side" of law enforcement officials.