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Road Trip Word Search — For your avid young reader, word searches are a great way to pass the time. See how many of these 15 words your child can find! This fun fill-in-the-blank is vacation-themed and will help your child practice the parts of speech and be silly at the same time. How crazy can your story get?

Need more games to keep your kiddos and other rowdy passengers busy? Check out this list of extra games and activities to keep the family busy for hours!

Keep these tips in mind during your road trip. Often, the best road trips are the ones where spontaneity abounds. Keep some extra space in one of your bags just for this!

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Print out updated copies of these and any other documents passport, VISA, etc. Road trips are a guaranteed way to make memories with your family that will last a lifetime. Most importantly, make sure you and your family are safe on your next road trip. Call icon. Call icon 1.

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Road Sign Scavenger Hunt — How many of these signs can you spot along your route? Hangman — Everybody knows this classic! Tic-Tac-Toe — Three in a row! This simple game is easy for kids of all ages. Connect the Dots — Take turns connecting the dots. Try to make as many complete squares as possible and claim them with your initial! Memory Game — Let your kids look at the pictures for two minutes, then have them draw as many as they can from memory! Maze Coloring Page — Watch out for the road signs and try to get home! Airplane Coloring Sheet — For aspiring pilots, this coloring sheet will keep younger children busy scribbling!

Restaurant I Spy — Feeling hungry?

Word Search Games for Adults and Teens

This game is a great way to pick out a lunch spot! Road Trip Bingo — Who can get the Bingo first? Crayola Coloring Sheets — With so many to choose from, your child will never get tired of coloring these scenes! Preschool Games — Keep your little one learning with these easy activity sheets!

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Animal Mazes — Have an animal lover in the back seat? Connect the Dots — Connect numbers 1 to 15 to teach younger children to count. Spot the Car — For auto enthusiasts of all ages, this is a great game to stay entertained during a long drive! Word List Choose your own words Settings Rows 5 - 50 50 this.


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Printable Car Games for Kids

Send questions, comments, and suggestions to webmaster atozteacherstuff. Word Search Maker Create your own custom word search worksheets! Separated by commas, spaces, or one per line Number of words to pick at random from your list leave blank to use all. OR use an existing word list Number of words to pick at random from this list cannot be left blank if using an existing word list. Placement of word list: Right Bottom Hide word list Sort word list alphabetically.

Printable Car Games for Kids: A Must for Your Next Road Trip!

Settings Rows 5 - Word placement: Forward and backward words Backward words only Forward words only Diagonal words Diagonal words only No diagonal words Up and down words Up and down words only No up and down words. Save settings This will save all your settings when you press Create Puzzle. Cookies required. Information: Letters only.