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Contact your carrier for service and city details.

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Orange SFR. O2 Telekom Deutsche Telekom customers will be prompted to enter a code when setting up Apple Watch for the first time. Be sure to contact the carrier to retrieve this code prior to setup. Hong Kong. Airtel Jio 4. Partner Pelephone. Ooredoo Viva Zain. Telenor Telia. M1 Singtel Starhub. Orange Telefonica Vodafone. There are many companies that were once a part of the Lifeline program that has dropped out as providers.

Contact Stand-Up for more information about this provider. Budget Mobile — This Lifeline cell phone provider offers cell phone plans nationwide.

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Safelink Wireless bring your own Smartphone program allows you to get free cell phone service. However, the best thing is you can keep your old friend! Your old phone is a familiar friend.

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All service is provided on one of the nations leading networks. A: Unlocking a device allows consumers to move their device from one network to another compatible network. The unlocking process varies by device and by provider. A provider may automatically unlock a device after certain conditions are met, send instructions to customers on how to unlock a device upon request, or complete the unlocking process in-store.

Some phones are sold with built-in software that prevents them from working on a different carrier.

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That is, if one provider sold you a "locked" phone, then you would not be able to use that phone on another provider's compatible network. Signatories to the Consumer Code for Wireless Service implemented all of these standards on or before February 11, Q3: Why do providers lock mobile wireless devices? A: In many instances, devices are sold with subsidies or discounts in exchange for a required service plan commitment, often months or years in length, or pursuant to a device financing plan.

Most service plan agreements have an early termination clause that includes a penalty to be paid to end the agreement ahead of schedule. Locking software is meant to ensure that devices will be active for a certain period of time or amount of usage on the network of the provider that sold that device with a subsidy or discount or with a device installment plan.

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Q4: Is my cell phone locked? A: With many providers, unless you purchased a phone or device specifically sold as "unlocked" at the point of purchase, you should presume that it is locked to a specific wireless service provider's network. This may be true whether you purchase the device from a wireless service provider, at a general retail outlet in person or on the web , or through a third-party. Some wireless service providers do not generally lock the phones or devices they sell.

Q5: Can other mobile devices besides phones be locked? A: Tablets and other mobile devices can be locked to networks. The commitment covers phones and tablets.

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You should check with your service provider to see if your phone or tablet is locked and what terms and conditions apply to unlocking it. Q6: Will my provider unlock my phone upon request? A: You should speak with your service provider to understand the terms and conditions of your agreement with your provider and the provider's policies on unlocking mobile devices. Participating providers will provide you with a clear, concise and readily accessible policy on mobile wireless device unlocking on their websites, and will respond to your unlock request pursuant to their unlocking policy.

Q7: When is my device eligible for unlocking? A: Participating providers will unlock your postpaid device after you have fulfilled the applicable service contract, device installment plan terms or payment of an early termination fee and are in good standing. Your prepaid device is eligible to be unlocked by participating providers no later than one year after activation, consistent with each provider's reasonable time, payment or usage requirements. Q8: Will my phone automatically be unlocked when my contract is fulfilled?

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A: It depends on your provider. Under the commitment, participating providers will notify you at the time when your postpaid device is eligible for unlocking if the device is not automatically unlocked. For prepaid devices, participating providers will notify when your device is eligible for unlocking at the point of sale, at the time of eligibility, or through a clear and concise statement of the wireless service provider's policy on its website.