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Some of these indexes are handwritten and others are typed.

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Now, there are a few peculiarities when it comes to reading these indexes. The handwritten indexes are arranged in alphabetical order by the first letter of the surname fol-lowed by not its second letter as you would expect but its next vowel. In the year column, you will not find a number as you would expect but rather a capital letter currently from A to T excluding I.

These letters each cover one year between and Each of these letters represents a particular year as shown in the chart that follows. In it, type the name that you seek, and press search which will take you right to the record reference in that index.

How to Apply for a Death Certificate

It is valuable to have as much of the basic information needed to access the records as possible as there may be several people having the same name listed in an index. Also, it is helpful to have in mind possible spelling and linguistic variations of the surname to help you in your search as names are not always recorded as we expect them to be. Lauren passed out a number of copies of actual vital record documents.

She noted that the documents were in various forms at various times and provided examples showing this. Generally, there was much information of value to genealogists and the amount of such information increased through the years., Canada's history & genealogy store

She displayed examples of death records where the causes of death were either natural, accidental, or criminal. She noted that other documents such as police reports may be referenced and sometimes even attached to the death records involving accidental or criminal causes.

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These annotated records may provide some interesting information for the genealogist. Churches were requested to register events within 15 days of the event.

How to apply for a Canadian Death Certificate?

This did not always happen within this period, and in cases did not happen at all. The registers for the pre records are handwritten. The second part of the workshop provided by Michael Gourlie took us on a tour of the Reading Room and two of the storage vaults. Michael showed us the resources in the Reading Room that genealogists would be most likely to use and detailed the workings of a few of them.

He explained how to request items in the Reading Room along with the details of periods of time at lunch and the end of the day when items are not retrieved. He explained that there are forms for immediate retrievals and another for vital records. The vital records search will take a few weeks to complete. Applications by non-Alberta residents for a vital event which occurred in Alberta may apply through Registry Connect. Certificate Request for Alberta Residents. Postage and handling, plus an agency fee is added on top, however, meaning that the actual fee charged will vary by registry agent.

Website: Alberta Vital Statistics. Comments: When requesting the record for genealogical purposes, be sure to request a certified photocopy of a registration of birth long form. Birth records in Alberta are not public until after years have passed from the date of birth.

This record will generally contain the name, date, and place of death, sex, age, marital status and registration number and date, and may contain the name of spouse, names and birth places of parents, usual residence, occupation and date and place of birth. Death records in Alberta are not public until after 50 years have passed from the date of death.

To apply for a genealogical search of death records less than 50 years old, you must be able to show that you are an eligible next-of-kin parent, sibling, children or spouse. A certified copy may be required to settle an estate or to claim insurance benefits.

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Do I fill out any forms, and if so, how can I obtain them? For some tasks, you might not have to fill out a form, but you may have to submit a signed letter your request in writing. For example, to cancel a car insurance policy. Do I need to provide any other proof or paperwork? For example, a company or institution may require you to provide a certified copy of the last will and testament as proof that you are a named executor, and therefore have the authority to deal with the institution on behalf of the deceased.

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